Shadowline specialise in a wide variety of ceilings, ceilings designs, different ceiling materials as well as the installation – we see the project through from start to finish to ensure a high quality and satisfactory end result for the customer.

The type of ceilings we specialise in:

– Standard Ceilings

– Rhinoboard Ceilings

– Suspended Ceilings

– Isoboard Ceilings

– Lamdabord Ceilings

– Ceiling Insulation

Shadowline Ceilings also specialise in the field of broader construction work and remodelling projects, in fact, this is where our specialities originate from, being in the construction industry for close to 20 years, rest assured we are contractors with experience – this experience includes working with drywall partitioning for your home or office space.

The type of drywall partitioning we specialise in:

– Standard Drywall Partitioning
– Interior Fire Walls
– Skimming and Plastering

At Shadowline Ceilings, we also provide services for bulkhead design, manufacturing and installation according to the client’s specific requirements.

Our range consists of bulkheads for decorative value to the project or more structural purposes, whichever requirements, we are here to get the job done. This service includes Bulkhead lighting, Lightboxes and more!

The type of bulkhead design we specialise in:

– Decorative bulkheads

– Structural bulkheads

– Lightboxes

– Bulkhead lighting

Innovative Designs

Modern and top of the range designs

Professional Service

Fully qualified contractor that comes with both experience and professionalism.


We will ensure your projects are well-managed and delivered efficiently.